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At Peace, we passionately believe in serving others in our community and in our world. Whether we are serving in a place around the corner or some place far away in the world, we feel called to "Share Christ, Serve the Community, Grow God's Kingdom!" (our vision statement) We致e rebuilt homes in West Virginia, provided free yard care for Canton South seniors, prayed with people passing through Plaza Central in San Jose, helped develop Bridge Point (see below), collected and shipped Bibles and hymnals to start-up churches in Liberia, and much more in our decades as a congregation. We are alway praying for new opportunities to minister in our community and in our world.

In Our Community

Bridge Point

We are proud to be a founding partner of Bridge Point (! Bridge Point is all about connecting people in the Canton South area through healthy relationships. Connecting people takes many forms, but all these forms will share a common bond: they connect people with the resources needed to be who God calls them to be to enable them to be healthy and happy and the community stronger. Bridge Point offers a clothing ministry that specializes in children and youth, a furniture ministry, and education classes for finances, parenting, youth.

Laundry Love

We support Laundry Love, which on certain dates pays for the washing and drying of clothes for those in need in Canton South because the average cost to wash and dry one load at a laundry mat is about $4; one load. Obviously then for those living at or under the poverty line, clean clothes is a financial hardship if not impossibility. Laundry Love then is a place of relief by paying laundry costs and visiting with the participants in Christian love and care.

In Our World

In 2011, Peace went on its first international mission trip to San Jose, Costa Rica. We helped at a soup kitchen and a children's daycare, distributed Bibles at a prostitution ministry, prayed with people in Plaza Central. It was a blessing to be a blessing!

In 2012, we went to Clarksburg, West Virginia to distribute water and food during the massive power outage and to rebuild homes.

In 2013, Peace went to storm battered Staten Island to help rebuild three homes severely damaged from Hurricane Sandy. We also helped paint a non-profit church thrift store in New Jersey.

In 2014, Peace is going to... Canton! With so much need in our own community this year's mission trip will be here working through several different local service agencies to provide assistance in stocking local food bank, mentoring at-risk youth, and much more. Several young adults from the congregation will also be going to Niagara Falls to provide service there.